I am a Chicago-based fashion/fine art photographer and self-taught makeup artist studying at Columbia College Chicago. I love photographing people in a unique way by manipulating beauty with different pigments, dyes, and other inventive materials. I draw a lot of inspiration from artists such as photographer Rankin and makeup artist Ayami Nishimura, who also utilize perspective-altering makeup transformations.

The saying “good artists borrow, great artists steal” (Pablo Picasso) encouraged me as I began practicing photography, and therefore most of my insight has come through imitation. I am now to the point where my technical savvy is able to support my wildest imaginations and with each shoot I aim to take my ideas a step further with more complex makeup and set designs. Most of my work stems from collaborative photo shoots with close friends where I am able to push my creative imagination to the limit. 

Shoot me an email if you have any questions, comments, suggestions, or if you'd like to collaborate: